• Create Email about Elephants
  • Send SMS to 00490123321123
Get Information
  • What is the weather like in Berlin?
  • News about Obama
  • Show me an elephant
  • Define algorithm
  • Find a pizzeria in Berlin
  • Who is president of America?
  • Navigate from Kassel to Berlin
  • What is the next train from London to Paris
  • What is the distance to the moon?
  • When is the next TV show for Simpsons?
  • When was Obama born?
  • Is there a traffic jam in Berlin?
  • Give me the bus that goes from bell street alexandria to huntington alexandria
  • Where is Bamberg?
  • Translate *Mein Name ist Jeannie* into English
  • Where do YOU live?
  • What's the date?
Answers requiring Google-Login
  • Remind me tomorrow at 4 pm about the dentist
  • Set alarm in seven days and 3 hours and 20 minutes
  • Show appointments for next week
  • Call peter
  • Send SMS to Bob about the car
  • Send Email to Linda about my new dress
  • Show latest emails
Answers depending on your location
  • Where am I?
  • Navigate me to Berlin
  • Weather for tomorrow
  • Traffic information
  • Find a restaurant
German response
  • Wann fährt ein Zug von Berlin nach Kassel?
  • Verkehrsinformationen Berlin
  • Wann kommen die Simpsons im Fernsehen?
  • Was läuft gerade in zdf?

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The documentation for the Jeannie API is available here.
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